Lucia Kosturiakova was the leading the scorer for the Slovakian team at the WFCQ and joint topscorer at the tournament, she kindly answered some of my questions about floorball in Slovakia. Here follows part 2, if you havent read part 1, just click here

#6 How did the team prepare for the WFCQ?
We had a short training camp before, together about 6 trainings. I don’t think that’s enough.

#7 Did each player have to pay money, to be part of the national team?
Of course, we need to pay for each national team event or a camp. Most of us are still students, so sometimes it’s not that easy, but we love this sport and some small amount of money can’t stop us from playing it.

#8 What did you know about Denmark before the game?
About Denmark as a country quite lot, I’ve been there two times before on WFC and EFC in Frederikshawn. We’ve seen match Germany-Denmark before, we knew that we could win that match, but that Denmark is very hardworking team and is playing whole 60 minutes. This was finally crucial for us.

#9 How would you describe the game against Denmark?
First period looked like we’re going to win something like 7:0, Denmark didn’t play good match. Second period they started to play better, we started panicking and making mistakes. I think we played better, but we didn’t score from good chances and the last period Denmark played with a great defence. Maybe we are still too young to keep concentration for whole 60 minutes.

#10 Your team, is it icehockeyplayer who have switched or is it mainly floorballplayers
I think there is only one exicehockey player in our team, there are more exfootball players. Woman icehockey is probably less popular than woman football in Slovakia. Floorball is young sport in Slovakia, almost every player’s been playing some different sport before started playing floorball.