Slovakia was the big surprise, when the Woman team qualified for the upcoming World Championship. Well done to a young team, who was ranked 4 of the 6 nations participating.
Only a close 2-4 defeat against homefavourite Latvia, was the only loss.

But whats the story behind the fast and technichal floorball team from Slovakia. I asked one of their players, Lucia Kosturiakova, who is playing center. The 22 yaers old is skilled, and in the last 3 attempts to qualify to the World Championship she have made 37 point (13+24)

#1 Icehockey is big in Slovakia, but how is it with Floorball?
Icehockey and football are most popular sports in Slovakia, unfortunately floorball is still considered as a girl sport or sport for boys that weren’t good enough to make career in icehockey. Moreover it’s still not very common sport, people are still wondering what do I have in my long toolbag. It’s becoming popular mostly at universities or high schools, therefore our national team is very young.

#2 Is the influence from icehockey big?
Because of the short floorball history in Slovakia we don’t have any real floorball coaches. Most of the coaches are exicehockey coaches, coaches of national teams are all from Czech Republic. Many exicehockey players are in national teams too , for example our best scorer from this WFCQ Martina Stašová is originally icehockey player. There is a big influence of icehockey now, but I hope we can have some real floorball generation in future.

#3 How did you start to play floorball and how old was you?
I’ve been playing football for almost 7 years, when I was 15 doctor forbiden it to me for a month. There was a floorball team at my high schooll, so I decided to try this instead of football during this month. After about month of practicing I was already in national team (everybody was :)), so I decided to keep playing. There was no women league at that time, I kept playing both football and floorball for few years (both in national teams), but finally I decided for floorball and I have no regrets about that! 🙂

#4 Your neighbors Czech, here is floorball very big, do you think it will be the same in Slovakia?
I hope so. I am playing in Czech Republic now, this is my fifth season in there. I think what’s missing in slovak floorball except of money are coaches and referees. There is also missing kind of conception, sponsors, junior leagues…. All young and talented players are leaving Slovakia and start playing in Czech Republic, I just hope they will come back one day and help improve floorball also in our country. That’s the only way how we can reach the same level as in Czech Republic.

#5 What was the aim for your team before the WFCQ?
There was the only aim before the WFCQ and that was getting though to the WFC. We wanted to be at least third, finally we’ve made it from the second place, big success for us!

second part will follow in a day or two