Hun var en bærende kraft hvor hun spillede, og det siger lidt om sporten, at man faktisk kunne få udenlandske landsholdsspillere til

1) Hvordan lærte du floorballsporten at kende?

It was in primary school, I was 13 years old, very sport active, but never played floorball. There was some very important school tournament, teams were mixed, always one girl had to be on the field. They needed a girl to be there, because the one who always played couldn’t go. Coach asked me to come and told me that they need me and doesn’t matter that I don’t know how to play, they need a girl and boys will make all the work. I made it, got my first floorball medal that day. After that I started to practice floorball.

2) Hvor startede din floorballkarriere henne?

It was in my hometown, Babimost, in the west part of Poland, in 2000. Firstly, I only played in school tournaments, but then in Absolwent Siedlec, only 15 km away from Babimost. They had a team, which played in Polish league in u19 and women category, it was perfect for me. All girls from Babimost who wanted to play in the national league started to play in Siedlec. And that’s the place where I got even more involved in floorball, started my national team experience etc., got first medals in the national finals, never got Polish gold. Had to come to DK to be a champion : )


3) Har du en speciel kamp du husker?

It is the semi-final of WFC B division, played in Frederikshavn in 2007.

We played against Hungary and after second period we were behind 1:4, to finally win the last period 5:0 and end the game with victory 6:4. It was an amazing feeling. After that, win over Germany in the final was easy. Hard to describe the feeling of gold WFC medal hanging over my neck. Don’t think I will experience it ever again.

4) Hvilken floorballoplevelse har gjort indtryk på dig?

I have couple of them:

– The biggest impression for me was to be in Stockholm Globen Arena in Sweden watching WFC final in 2006. First time I could see that huge crowd of people watching floorball game! It was incredibly exciting being part of that crowd.

– Me playing my first WFC in 2007 in Denmark, in Frederikshavn, city where I spent next couple years of my life. It was my debut in big floorball event.

– Playing European Cup in Poland with Outlaws. It was great to be with my Danish team in my home area.

– Every game Poland – Denmark is super exciting for me!!


5) hvilke 3 spillere husker du fra din tid som nogen af de gode?

Because we are celebrating 25 years of DaFU, I will focus on Danish players.

Danish players from my time of being in Denmark.

– Cecilia Di Nardo

– Mette Faurholt Nielsen

– Sara Lund

6) Hvilke ledere gjorde et indtryk på dig i din tid med floorball?

Aage Gøgsig

I met Aage when I came to Frederikshavn to play in Outlaws, in 2007. Never met ledere so involved in floorball before, simply with his whole life. Great person, he could speak English even if he couldn’t. Or it was me who needed to be quick Danish language learner. Always helpful, always there when needed, able to fix everything even the impossible and he has great personality. Mr. Floorball : )


7) Kan du en anekdote fra din floorballtid?

I have many of them.

I’ll mention very recent one.

During last wfc in Czech, in December 2013, me and my colleague from the team, we made an interview in ‘Czech’ language, Czech is very similar to Polish. We were talking about Poland winning in quarter final against the team from Czech, what brought us to semi final against Sweden. We posted it on Facebook. One of local Swedish newspapers wrote about Poland playing in semi final against Swedish team. It was impossible because of course we lost 9;2 in the quarter final against Czech. I have no idea if our interview made them think that, but it was very funny to read this kind of news.


8) Hvilke udfordringer forbinder du med floorball i klubregi ?

I think the most important challenge is to make people being involved in floorball, not only as a players or coaches.

Make every floorball game as an event. Make it interesting for people to come not only from a sport side. This needs good advertising, many volunteers  and good conditions for sponsors.

If events are interesting for people they will be able to pay for the tickets. It is happening from time to time, but I think every game should be organised that way. It would help to get new club members and improve financial conditions of the clubs.


9) På 25 år har DaFU opnået små 7.000 medlemmer, hvor mange medlemmer håber du DaFU har om 25 år?

I am positive thinker.

Twice as much, 14 000.


10) Hvad er/var din rolle i floorball?

Even though I live in Brussels currently, my license and my team is in AaB, where I am still a player and I support my team from being far away. Whenever I have a chance to be in DK I take a part in practices and games.

Will definitely be there on the 12th of April.

I am also part of Polish national team, in Brussels I train with Tornado Brussels, men team.


11) Hvad ser du ellers i fremtidsudsigterne for sporten?

In my eyes future of floorball is to be an Olympic Sport. Many steps have been taken and I am very positive about it. Floorball is already developing very fast and when it is going to be an Olympic sport it will develop even more and people will know what floorball really is. Good advertising campaign is necessary though. Many people do not know what floorball is and they mix in in their minds with field hockey. Good PR in connection with continuation of keeping better and better organisations of every event will help to stay on a good track to the future full of successes.


12) Ordet er frit?

I just would like to add that my Danish floorball experience taught me a lot! And I never regret that I arrived to Denmark to play floorball.

Congrats to DAFu on the 25 years anniversary.

It is very sad that I am not going to see u19 Danish team during coming WFC in Poland. I think they represent high level of floorball and could be fighting there for very good results. And I being there would cheer for them of course! Just not in the game against Polish team : )