During the qualifications to the WFC2014 for men, I spotted Ukraine was participating for the first time, so I was quite curious, how was it for them to play their first official international game and how is the situation with floorball at Ukraine.

I spoke to Tamuz Hidir, who was very kind to answer my questions.

1. When and how did Floorball start at Ukraine
Ukraine has been around 1996 on a small scale in the eastern parts of Ukraine in donetsk region. It came there from Russia. But in an organized from it has been since 2009 when the All Ukrainian floorball Federation was created.

2. What is the main problem for the sport in Ukraine
Well, the main challange is to organize all the floorball enthusiast in a good way. This goes for the competition structure, education, equipment, good governence and so on… its a constant challange to keep up with the delopment, but here we see possibilites instead of problems as people do in many other countries

3. Who is Tamuz Hidir in the World of Floorball
Tamuz Hidir – is a former floorball player from Sweden with a big hearth for Ukraine. And are now working as International coordinator at All Ukrainian Floorball Federation. I was also the Head Coach of the first Ukrainian National Team.

4. How was your preperation for the wfc qualifications
We hade 4 training camps before the WFCQ, in total we spent around 16 days togheter and its was very fruitful. We found a very good training location outside of Kiev and we really managed to create a team from the difficult challange. Most of the things we went trough on the camps, the players had never experienced before, so it was also good in order to step up the work in the clubs.

5. You met Finland who plays at a High level. How was it. Also, how was the player before the game and what where They talking about after the game
For us Finland was Finland! In terms of results not the most important game. We were prepared to fight and also to learn from some of the best players in the world. And also enjoy! We had some objectivs, everybody was playing and fighting to the end. Some people back home in Ukraine was critical when they saw the results. But for people who understand floorball saw a team that was fighting to the end. Nobody was giving up, but this is the difference on this level, when you have the second best national team playing against a newcomer, its normal. And we should not forget that we just had a national team for 8 months and Finland has been around for 20 years. Whats also very good, is that we hit back and the day after made our best game of the tournament against Spain.

6. What did the team learn from this tournament
Well, we learned many things! And here I think much to do with the preparations that we made. That we came with a team that was ready to handle the challanges, and when for exampel our game plan did not work out we understand exactly what went wrong. We learned many small things for exampel, thats its importent to control the speed of the game, specially if it goes fast for you. Then I was very demanding and had alot of coaching during the games. for exampel we removed the keeper in 4 out of 5 games in different situations. And everything around was very good experience. By the way its the first time our players play 3*20, in Ukraine we play just 2*20.

7. The future for the sport in Ukraine. How do you see this
I think we have the future for us. A lot of young players and a great floorball movement. If we get everything in place then there is a great potential for floorball to become very big in Ukraine.

8. I assume that the games you played was a Way to improve the team a lot, because playing against good teams always make you learn a lot. Where do you Think the players improved mostly
The players improved by getting a recite on how there game is! You know something and then you come to a level where everything is 3-4 faster, and then you see what you are lacking. The key is how fast you make good decicions on the field. And everybody understand where we need to grow.

9. What will be the next Big step for Ukrainian Floorball
We try to make our championship better and better. But I big target for us is to organize an IFF event! We have applied to organize the U19 Q in September 2014. And this is a big target for us.

10. What was the 3 Best moments during the qualifications
1. See the true joy and appreciation of the fans before, during and after the games

2. The joy after each scored goal

3. See a team fighting to the end in all situations