Well done

This must be the words used regarding the Danish Handball Federation after the latest world championship for women.

For after this World Championship in Denmark in 2015, a record number of people went to the arenas to watch the games.

A total of 304.436 people attended the games.

Well done

If you look at the statistics from the past world championships, the picture is clear

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If you take the total number of attendance, from the previous 3 world championships in women handball. The total amount of spectators is just a little more than what Denmark managed to have in 2015.

Handball in Denmark is popular and this is shown in the number of attendance. Every time Denmark played during the Tournament, it was almost sold out, meaning that for most of the games Denmark played, 12.500 was watching. In total the games that Denmark played, was watched by just a little more than 100.000 people.

This is more than the World Championships in 2009 and 2011 had in total.

For the Danish Handball Federation it also means a financial boost, an estimation of £500.000-800.00 of earnings for the federation is not a bad guess.

The only thing missing for the Danish Handball Federation is a result. The team ended as number 6 in the world, not bad, but playing in your own country, you are the host, and everyone hopes for medals.

But well done Denmark