Zane Klabere played in 4 World Championship and is elected to one of IFF’s board. She kindly answered my questions regarding why Latvia have such a high standard at floorball.

Here follows part 2

#6 How is the level in the best league in Latvia (men/women)
Men’s league in Latvia has a very good level. Winning teams were regularly playing in the European Cups with satisfactory results. Women’s league right now is having a tougher period – not so big number for players in highest division which can cause our performance in international arena in the future.

#7 how do you develop the young players in Latvia
We are having the youth championships from starting age 10 for both girls and boys. Also a lot of extra
tournaments especially for young players. Lately camps have become very popular for young players – 1 or 2 week special floorball camps during summer. And like I said before – schools has become more and more interested – organizing also a lot of school tournaments.

#8 Why is Latvia so much better than Estonia and especially Lithuania, who I assume look almost the same as Latvia
In every country sport develops differently. It can be some historical, social or other reasons. The same question can be – why Lithuania is so super good in basketball but Latvia only average and Estonia is never playing in high level at all?

#9 How did you start to play floorball?
I started to play floorbal 17 years ago when a sport teacher put a little note to info desk at school that young girls are invited to try a new sport