#Floorball, and the chance of being at the Olympic Games

It’s the ultimate money machine and exposure for the sport


It has been the dream of floorball for many years to be part of the Olympic games.

Now made the first official attempt has been made. IFF seeking to be part of the future Olympic games.
You can read more here

The model for the games would be with 8 teams, men and women.

IOC has opened up the modernization of the Games, and this means that changes in the composition of the sports, that are on the program.

That is not necessarily a sport falls out completely, but there are fewer competitions in each discipline. That alone would be an outcry for those who will be affected.


The number of people who can participate in a summer Olympics … This will be first obstacle for floorball.

16 teams with 20 players and five leaders … it’s 400 to be cut elsewhere! It is a very large number. IFF has been playing with a model called 4V4 as an Olympic discipline it would help in reducing the numbers!

Everyone thinks they are going.

When I look at the list of SPORTS, who would like to be part of the Olympic Games, then the list is interminable and each have their reasons, for just their sport would be a perfect match.

IOC looks at a variety of criteria, including exposure, played among the youth, it is a clean sport and a global sport. In total there are more than 30 criteria.

Floorball score positively to several of them, but the exposure and the global dissemination … the sport needs to score better.

The list of sports outside the games ranked after number of countries

Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile 222
Karate 187
Chess 158
Billiard 148
Squash 147
Wushu 147
Baseball/softball 141
Bowling 134
Militarysports 134
Underwater sports 130
Muaythai 128
Kickboxing 126
Bridge 123
sportsfiskeri 115
Cricket 106
Airsport 105
Lifesaving 100
Rollerskating 100
Dancing 90
Surfing 86
Waterskiing 84
Polo 80
Go 74
Orienteering 73
American football 68
Dart 68
Frisbee 65
Tablesoccer 65
Dragonboat 62
Korfball 59
Floorball 56
Tig of War 53
Kendo 52
Lacrosse 51
Dam 50
Netball 49
Mountering 48
Minigolf 46
poker 43
Fist ball 36
Bandy 32
Ski mountaineering 32
Kabaddi 31
Sepaktakraw 28
Pelota 27
Bromball 24
bjergklatring 20
Powerlifting 13
kroket 11
Quidditch 9
Gaellic football 2
Boules 1
Motorcycle 1
Motorboat 1
Racketball 1
Sumo 1
Bodybuiding 1
Fishing 1
Ju-Jitsu 1
Australian football 1

Those with 1, its not been possible to get an exact number.

Floorball have a chance, and I would love if it would happen, but its a long road to go…and for floorball its about to sell the sport to the right people in side IOC.

Nexr Floorball need to grow globally and get the youth to play…

IMG_2887floorball hørsholm børn20140527-082539-30339313.jpg20140504-093903.jpg



One thought on “#Floorball, and the chance of being at the Olympic Games

  1. Yes, But this will not happen by itself.
    First You state the economic advantages in your post. I agree on this, but in case there is an economic opportunity then I think we must start to think in terms of bold economic investments too – to be able to harvest you must plant well. Yes, I know much is done already. I am however thinking of a much bolder growth strategy in terms of investments – more like a tech company start up that is able to generate incredible funding – just based upon a good idea….. With the potential for floorball becoming a money machine like some other large sports… as it is hinted about at some places – this is not fully taken out of the blue. So where are our angel investors?

    Secondly, it is not just all about money. If we could focus upon proven health benefits and community building for kids and use the sport as a counterweight against all the screen time kids are exposed to, or to fight obesity trends, I think this could be worth more than any money in the world (well, worth a lot at least).

    Beside of value: The world is changing fast and social media is just a few years old. If Floorball can get ahead of other contenders in the sport world and master social media. I say not just be present – but fully master it, then the chances to very fast change the sporting world could possibly increase dramatically. A few steps needed right now is that we all build solutions for mobile devices – but also that Floorball fast establish a presence on the platforms the youth use. So far I have only heard that Happee is on the snapchat platform for instance. This must be driven hard, since investments in time, passion and/or money could fast prove to create returns at a much higher, and faster rate as compared to a focus on traditional media or promotional actions. Step one, I suspect, is to beat all other “wanna-be-sports” on social media and go from there.

    If Elon Musk can introduce both private space flights aiming for Mars and electric cars – we should be able to introduce floorball – at a smashing fast rate – to Olympics or not. ;-D

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