Traditional stats and children ( U11 series), it’s an ok thing or does it destroys something for the kids ?

Statistics is interesting.
What about making statistics on how many passes the team can make . It says something about how good the whole team is, instead of the few players who make many goals . When they are 11 years, there are up to 5 years difference in players biologically age.

Anyone assumes that talent is equal to physical maturity, they are very wrong.

In football (Denmark), you’ll find no table or results from games from u12 and down, they have a very good reason for this.

Make statistics for the whole team rather than the individual, then you will be pushing the good players to make the less good better.

That my answer, no doubt that opinions are sharply divided on the area where someone wants tables and stats in youth, they often play with the teams for PRIMARILY to win.

There’s just SEVERE difference biological (and thus motor ) in children 11 years of age. In fact, you have someone who has physics as a 13 year old and with a physique like an 9 year old.

Who is the best here and now? It’s the boy age 13, he has a physique and can completely outplay the smaller kid.

This is where many coaches go wrong and sees the 13 year old as talent !

Physical maturity has NOTHING to do with talent. But this assumption is lagging EXCESSIVE across sports.

You can read more about this in this post (in Danish though) , which is about talentdevelopment or talent nondevelopment, where a Swedish researcher points out that Sweden loses HALF of all the talents.

Read more in english here