Økonomi i sportens verden

60-70% af klubbens sportslige succes er defineret af klubbens økonomi

International Floorball

27/10-15 Interview with IFF general secretary John Liljelund

27/10-15 Interview with Nicolas Kluger

5/10-15 Floorball, innebandy, salibandy or?

5/10-15 is Floorball Finish in Germany?

26/8-15 IFF on all continents, how does it look?

22/8-15 The Big 4

27/7-15 Two men on a mission

26/7-15 IFF on an important mission

21/6-15 The battle for floorball at the olympic

20/2-15 300.000 players for the first time

9/2-2015 Time for a change at U19 WFC

9/6-15 The chance of being at the olympic

25/11-14 Germany is the key to the future of floorball

23/2-14 Is the keeper important?

7/2-14 Floorball in Ukraine

15/10-13 Physicall maturity has nothing to do with talent

6/2-13 Slovakia on the rise part 2

5/2-13 Slovakie on the rise part 1

4/5-12 How did Canada prepare for the U19 WFC

9/12-11 WFC the right system or

4/12-11 Floorball for all please

20/4-10 Failure at senior level is the result of lack of knowledge at youth level

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